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quince Takuji Naka+ Tim Olive
Quince (Kindra Steiner Editions, 2018)

Review: Vital Weekly

false-mercury   Pascal Battus + Anne-F Jacques + Tim Olive
Trois Conseillers (Caduc, 2018)

Review: The Alcohol Seed, Free Jazz Collective

zanshi   Samuel Dunscombe/Tim Olive
  Zanshi (Kendra Steiner Editions, 2016)

Reviews: Blog to Comm, Vital Weekly, The Sound Projector

intonema digisleeve   Anne-F Jacques/Tim Olive
  Tooth Car (Intonema, 2016)


TheNewAttractive   Takuji Naka/Tim Olive
  The New Attractive (EM Records, 2015)


no flag   Tim Olive/Nick Hoffman
  No Flag (Copy For Your Records, 2014)


Ftarri3 Tim Olive/Anthony Guerra/Makoto   Oshiro
Ftarri Collection 3 (Track 4) (Ftarri, 2013)
Ftarri4 Bunsho Nishikawa/Tim Olive/Haco
Ftarri Collection 4 (Track 2) (Ftarri, 2013)
the specialist Tim Olive
The Specialist (EM Records, 2009)


eagle keys Tim Olive/Francisco Meirino
Eagle Keys (Even Stilte, 2006)


supernatural hot rug and not used Tim Olive/Bunsho Nishikawa
Supernatural Hot Rug And Not Used (EM Records, 2006)


Available from Scratch Records

Nimrod Nimrod (Scratch Records, 1997)
Nimrod-The Mighty Hunter Nimrod
The Mighty Hunter (Scratch Records, 1994)
Nimrod-Grandson of Ham Nimrod
Grandson of Ham (Scratch Records, 1992)